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I will be working on a couple of more blog posts that describe what issues I encountered and how I fixed them.
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[^1]: [Here is the full catalog]( and [here is the wishlist for upcoming apps](, a lot of the wishlisted apps have some configs prepared, but they need some work to be fully fleshed out

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RSYNC_OPTIONS=--rsync-path='sudo rsync'

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RSYNC_OPTIONS=--rsync-path='sudo rsync'

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On this website I'll try to organize my train of thoughts into something coherent and easily (at least I hope so) readable. This will probably include posts about doing hacky stuff on my computers, either in my free time or during work, and I might try to review some things that I buy. There will probably be a few random texts, and some of them _may_ be political.
If you want to contact me, you can [send me an email](
If you want to contact me, you can:
- [send me an email](
- [reach out via matrix](